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King's College London
University Profile: King’s College London

Founded: 1829

League Table Ranking 2016: 21

Number of Students: 28,500, of which 60% are undergraduate and 40% postgraduate

Location: Central London



King’s College London (KCL) is the most centrally located university in London, with four of its five campuses – Waterloo, Denmark Hill, Strand, and Guy’s – situated next to the River Thames. A key member of the Russell Group, King’s enjoys a distinguished reputation in the humanities, law, sciences (including medicine and dentistry), and social sciences, and is home to many well-respected and renowned research teams and academics. Indeed, King’s has played a major role in many of the advances that have shaped modern life, including the discovery of the DNA structure, and research that led to the development of TV, radar, radio, and mobile phones. Virginia Woolf, The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, Somerset Maugham, Thomas Hardy, James Clerk Maxwell, and Florence Nightingale are just some of King’s world-famous alumni.

Academic Overview

The ratio of full time to part time courses offered by King’s is 70:30, with a similar female-to-male student body (63% female to 37% male). Many of the courses offered are interdisciplinary, giving students the opportunity to cover a broad range of interests (incorporating foreign language modules with science courses, for example). King’s also offers a significant range of additional study options to its students, from internships, work experience, study abroad schemes, summer schools, and short term courses for professional development. Upon graduation, King’s alumni are strongly sought after, with KCL graduates ranked seventh in the UK for graduate employability and typically landing some of the most well paid graduate jobs.

Pastoral Overview

International postgraduate students, and all students who enroll on undergraduate courses, are guaranteed accommodation across the various residences that comprise King’s College London. These are located throughout London, with most near the KCL teaching campuses. There are a variety of halls of residence available, to suit all requirements: catered and self-catered, rooms for singles, couples, families, and students with disabilities, shared facilities and en-suite. King’s College London also offers various accommodation options within the University of London Intercollegiate Halls, which provides an opportunity to interact with students from all colleges of the University of London.


All King’s campuses have their own library, giving students access to over 1.25 million resources. Further investment worth a million pounds has been made to establish a virtual campus, offering 24/7 access to state of the art facilities. Redevelopment projects are being undertaken at both Guy’s and Bush House, located on the Strand, to provide accessible and enhanced facilities at these two sites. King’s Sport Health and Fitness Centre, located on the Waterloo campus, offers some of the most affordable membership rates in central London and provides fitness and swimming facilities for elite and amateur athletes alike.

Student Experience

King’s College London Students Union (KCLSU) endeavours to provide a memorable experience – plus advice and support when it is needed – to all students enrolled at the university. KCLSU organises social, sporting and cultural activities, provides opportunities for skill development, and ensures the collective student voice is heard. There are over 100 societies and 60 sports clubs to join, as well as bars, shops and restaurants available across all sites. The Union also caters to the part-time employment needs of students by offering paid work opportunities.

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