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University of Bath
University Profile: University of Bath

Founded: 1966

League Table Ranking 2016: 11

Number of Students: 15,500, of which 70% are undergraduate and 30% postgraduate

Location: South West England, about 90 minutes by train from London and 15 minutes away from Bristol



After receiving a Royal Charter in 1966, the University of Bath has spent 50 years establishing itself as a leading university both nationally and globally. Consistently achieving good ranks in the league tables, the University is internationally renowned for its research and teaching excellence, as well as for student satisfaction: 93% of students complete their degree course every year, one of the highest completion rates in the UK. In addition to its academic and research strengths, Bath also has a very strong sports profile, as well as many notable alumni in the areas of media, politics, and business.

Academic Overview

The University of Bath offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with its courses divided into four faculties: Engineering & Design, Humanities & Social Sciences, Management, and Science. The course structures are very flexible, and offer students the opportunity to undertake a placement or study abroad year as part of their degree (over 60% do). Students also have the option of learning a language alongside their regular course, increasing their employment prospects on graduation. Indeed, the starting salary of a graduate of the University of Bath is typically around £4000 more than other UK university peers. The strongest subject at Bath is generally considered to be engineering (particularly chemical and mechanical), although psychology, biology and biochemistry, chemistry and management also rank highly.

Pastoral Overview

Bath offers guaranteed accommodation to all first year students, and has around 4000 rooms for residency purposes. Two different types of accommodation are available: City and Campus. Greater than half the number of residential halls are located on the university campus – two of which have catering facilities – with two halls in the city itself built specifically for undergraduates. In addition, there are three halls of residence for mature students aged 21 and over, located on the campus site.


As well as lecture halls and libraries, Bath’s campus offers first class leisure facilities including restaurants, cafes, cinema halls, the state-of-the-art Sports Training Village (used by both elite and recreational athletes) and arts spaces, to create a wholesome environment for its students. The heart of the campus houses the 24-hour Library and Learning Centre, which offers internet and computing services, as well as spaces for individual and group work. Other facilities on site include banks, a general and an oriental supermarket, student welfare support, advice on immigration, and disability services.

Student Experience

Nationally recognised as one of the safest campuses in the UK, Bath offers a well-rounded experience to its students. The Students’ Union – ranked among the top 10 Students’ Unions in the country – plays a major part in life at Bath, offering extensive extra-curricular groups and societies. Outlets for student media include a newspaper that is published fortnightly, a radio station, a TV station, and also many arts societies. The beautiful city of Bath, with its rich history, thriving cultural and leisure opportunities, and outstanding architectural sights, is also a major draw. All in all, Bath offers one of the best university experiences in the country, with consistently high rankings for student satisfaction.

My Personal Statement Verdict: 4.5/5

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