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University of Westminster
University Profile: University of Westminster

Founded: 1838

League Table Ranking 2016: 101

Number of Students: 20,500, of which 80% are undergraduate and 20% postgraduate

Location: Three campuses in Central London, and one campus in North West London



The University of Westminster has a rich history of achievements, spanning over 175 years. It became the country’s first polytechnic when it was established in 1838, and is also the birthplace of British cinema. The university has four campuses across London: Cavendish, Regent, and Marylebone campuses located in Central, and Harrow campus, located in the North West. The university boasts leading research credentials in the areas of Art & Design, English, and Media & Communications. Sir Alexander Fleming (medicine), Frank Turner (gymnast), Vivienne Westwood (fashion), and Brian Whitaker (journalism) are some of the well-known alumni of Westminster university.

Academic Overview

Offering highly flexible courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, there are close to 1000 teaching staff members on the university’s payroll. Eleven areas of research have been deemed as world leading, and the University of Westminster is also recognised as being one of the top 100 most international universities in the world. This is reflected by the number of languages spoken on campus – more than any other university in the UK – and by the commitment to educating students who will become successful, global citizens. Internationally acclaimed research is complemented by extensive connections with universities and industries throughout the world, and students enjoy excellent career guidance and access to over 700 visiting specialists from international businesses.

Pastoral Overview

The University of Westminster provides its students with a choice of six halls of residence, with tenancy contracts available to both first year and continuing students. Four of the halls are located in Central London, while the remaining two are located in Wembley and Harrow. All offer a variety of standard and en-suite rooms, and self-catering and catered facilities. Many also come equipped with enviable social spaces: a rooftop garden at Raffles House, flat screen televisions and Xbox 360s at Marylebone Hall, and free on-site bicycle hire at Urbanest Hoxton and Urbanest Tower Bridge.


Students enjoy a wide range of facilities at the University of Westminster, including specialist libraries and computer centres on every campus, Central and Harrow sports and gym amenities, scientific laboratories, and even the iconic Regent Street Cinema. Nearly £5.2 million pounds has been invested into refurbishing the Marylebone campus studios for architecture studies, and there are also brand new facilities at the Regent Campus and a new Fabrication Laboratory opened in 2015.

Student Experience

The University of Westminster Student’s Union (UWSU) caters for a broad range of extra-curricular interests, offering a plethora of sports societies, social and cultural clubs, bars, nightclubs, a student magazine, radio and TV channel. Prayer rooms and chaplaincy services are provided, as well as a range of disability services and support for those with special needs. An added bonus for students in the Science and Technology faculty is the provision of an iPad for the duration of their studies.

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